Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nano Nov 3 - Aurelus

The story I'm working on for nano is actually something I've had on the back burner for a long time. So my nano count is actually starting at something like chapter 8.

I decided to work on this one specifically because I feel like it has a great deal of potential, but I was totally and completely stuck. Nano is energizing that way. It gives me motivation to just type my fingers off. Like I said in the last post, when I stop to think, my thinking stops.

The story is called Aurelus.

Aiden is just a sea farmer. A young boy who works hard tending kelp and fish alongside his sister. After a violent storm, he happens upon a strange girl, who is wounded and unconscious on the beach. Chaos follows. Lava flows chase him down. A real live mermaid tries to kill him for helping the girl. And the girl herself turns out to be an Aurelus - A "mermaid" of the air.

Aiden has stumbled into a war between the elements. The balance of the earth is at stake, and by extension, the fate of the human race. And he, as a human, might just be the key to establishing peace between the warring elementals.

I got the idea for it when I was randomly googling pictures of the 4 elements. I came across this one:

It's called the elemental goddesses, by someone on deviant art, I think. It's cool as it is. But when I very first looked at it, it was just a tiny thumbnail, and I thought they were mermaids. You know, except for each element. Like an air-maid, and a fire-maid, etc. That idea was super cool to me.

When I clicked on it, I saw that wasn't the case at all. But the idea was in my head. Elemental "mermaids". It was one of those ideas that sort of hit me over the head until I started working on it. It love and hate when that happens.

Current word count: 6079 (For a daily count of 1470. More to come after work later this evening.)

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