Friday, November 4, 2011

Nano Day 4

There are a lot of numbers in this post.

Today's nano experience was interesting. I didn't quite meet my daily quota (which is 1,667 words per day) but I came pretty close. I hit 1,612. This puts me at 7,976 for my day four total.

Yeah, I am still ahead of my needed goal. (1,667 x 4 = 6,668). Well ahead, really. I have a 1,308 safety cushion. (For now.) But the thing that was fun about this isn't that I'm still easily on track. It was the word sprint I just finished.

I am far too easily distractable. I made the mistake of checking my etsy store to see if this lady had bought her order yet. This turned into a searching for christmas presents party. (Which I did find, btw. I got some good things.)

At 11:32 pm I suddenly realized that I had spent far too much time there, and not enough writing. I was at 7,196. I needed 8,031. I had 28 minutes in which to do said 835 words. (Literally half of my needed daily quota).

At 11:45 I still needed 522. I hadn't even gotten halfway. So I kicked it into high gear. I started typing with reckless abandon. I did 458 words in 15 minutes.

That's 30.5 words per minute. Spectacular.

Yes, I can type way, way faster than that when I know what I am saying. (I average like 60 wpm). But I didn't. Also, even though I didn't stop to fix all of my typos, I did fix some of them. And I had to stop a couple of times to think of where to go next. So all in all, that was a pretty awesome victory.

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