Friday, February 24, 2012

Utah Just Doesn't Cut It Sometimes

It's not really hate. I just need rural Virginia. I need it like people need air to live. If I didn't get to go home over Christmases at least, I would probably die. Literally.

This song embodies pretty much every nostalgic, homesick-esque, love for the middle of nowhere sentiment that I have right now.

Today was one of those homesick days. It's not homesickness like I miss my mom and dad. Although I do like visiting home too. But it's homesickness like I miss trees, and rolling hills, and good sunrises. And mist in the woods. And winding roads.

And this:

This is the Shenandoah River

This is the Potomac

This is the land between our house and the neighbor.

This is the street where I live.

These are on the street where I live.

Also this:

Monday, February 20, 2012


Texting is supposed to be the simple, most immediate form of communication.

And it used to be, for me.

But ever since I've been getting my editing groove on, I just can't send quick texts anymore. There's always proofreading, fixing, and it ends up taking me forever. Some things don't even matter, but I have to fix them. I just have to.

Yes, it's kind of a pain. But I suppose it's better than ending up with this:

Or this: 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Life of a Writer

All the necessary antidotes to writer's block:

Glasses off
Computer on
Fantasy music
Assorted plastic weaponry
Ninja Pants

In case anyone is wondering, yes the katana does help. Meditative pose... not so much.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm against war.

Anyone with even an ounce of humanity should be.

But you know what else I'm against?

  • Innocent people dying for no reason
  • Letting evil people have their way
  • Watching my family and friends get hurt/killed
  • Seeing people's rights get stomped on
  • Hiding instead of standing up for important things

Pacifists (in the strictest sense) are opposed to going to war, no matter who or what is involved. There absolutely is no excuse. They duck out of serving in the military. They throw stones and shoot guns at veterans. They picket and whine and groan about how terrible war is.

So it's alright to let Hitler finish his genocide. After all, we wouldn't want a war.

Keep chopping those aristocrats' heads. It's cool.

Xerxes, Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon all want to become world dictators. nbd.

Yes, war is bad. And there are a lot of wars that didn't need to happen. But wars aren't generally started by the good people, are they? The job of the good people is to stop the bad ones. And you can't do that by sitting around. You can't do it by watching. And you can't do it by being violent toward the people who are trying to help.

When a war starts, the good guys have a choice: fight back, do nothing, or join the other side. Fighting back is bad, because people die in horrible places, doing horrible things.

But isn't it worse to do nothing?

If you say you're a pacifist, all you can do is join the bad guys, or step out of the way and let them carry on. Is there really any difference?

Anyone who has an ounce of humanity will hate war. But anyone with half an ounce of humanity will defend the innocent, protect their families, and try to keep bad from becoming worse.