Sunday, June 3, 2012


This is a yoke.

People like the pioneers used these to hook oxen to the front of their covered wagons.

Know what's super cool about yokes?

Let's pretend that Oxen 1 can pull 1,000 pounds all by itself. 

And let's say that Oxen 2 is just about the same size. It can also pull 1,000 pounds all by itself. 

You would think, then, that together they could pull 2,000 pounds. 

You would be wrong.  

They can pull more.That's what is so cool about yokes. That simple little bit of wood makes is so that the two animals, when working together, can actually get more done than either of them could separately. 

Now, look at this with your What-does-this-mean-for-me-in-my-own-life eyes. 

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