Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weird Things and Scotland

I can't handle things right now.

The worst part is that I don't know what or why. *shrug* I'm not angry, sad, scared, stressed, overworked, exhausted, or panicked. Just... weird.

That's the best I've got. Weird.

It all started with the Leviathan trilogy. Over the past two weeks I've been listening to the audiobooks, and they're super good. (See this post where I freaked out about how insane they made me.)

They were super engaging. The characters were amazingly real and relatable. The conflict stressed me out on a Mockingjay level. (See here) There really were points where I was pounding my head into my pillows because I just couldn't handle it.

And every time I try to explain it all to people, I get a little crazy. Ask Daphne. Or Samantha.

I finished the last one at 6:50 am (Yes that's correct) saturday night/sunday morning. It is now 2 days later. And I CAN NOT get them out of my head. Every time I stop doing something, they come back. I read a 400 page book that I'd been waiting for, for 6 months, and Deryn and Alek are still there. They are haunting me. My brain is actually, literally obsessed.

And it's making me feel weird. Not creeped out weird. Weird like the main character in a book who is totally falling for the guy, but has no idea that she is, and is utterly confused about what all those feelings mean. That same confused-ness.

At least, I think it's Leviathan & co that are doing it. It could be something else. But since all of my un-busy thoughts are obsessed with the trilogy, it's hard not to associate the two.

By this point, the post is almost as confused as I am. Basically, I feel weird, and I don't know why, and my brain is obsessed with these books and WILL NOT let me move on with life.

There are things that would make so much more sense to be obsessed with.

Ewan McGregor in a kiltLike Ewan McGregor in a kilt.

Or David Tennant in a Tardis.

gerardOr Gerard Butler in anything.

Random. All of these people are Scottish. I'm sensing a theme here....


Yeah, I just don't know what's going. And I thought that maybe writing a post about it would help. I don't think it did. But oh well. I guess there are worse things to have haunting you than a really good book. Or scottish men.


hmmm... Deryn is scottish. My brain is speaking to me in a scottish accent. All these randomly chosen guys are scottish. That must be the answer: I need to go to Scotland.