Friday, February 24, 2012

Utah Just Doesn't Cut It Sometimes

It's not really hate. I just need rural Virginia. I need it like people need air to live. If I didn't get to go home over Christmases at least, I would probably die. Literally.

This song embodies pretty much every nostalgic, homesick-esque, love for the middle of nowhere sentiment that I have right now.

Today was one of those homesick days. It's not homesickness like I miss my mom and dad. Although I do like visiting home too. But it's homesickness like I miss trees, and rolling hills, and good sunrises. And mist in the woods. And winding roads.

And this:

This is the Shenandoah River

This is the Potomac

This is the land between our house and the neighbor.

This is the street where I live.

These are on the street where I live.

Also this:


  1. You should go back there. Start a farm. Hire strong and attractive farm hands. Marry one. Let me choose from the rest.

    Do we have a deal?