Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Thousand Word Picture

Stereotypical and cheesy, yes. But nonetheless valid. I love this picture. It's funny and accurate at the same time.

Sometimes life feels like that. Like we're trying to cram ourselves into this hole that just doesn't fit. It's not always true, though. Sometimes we just have to be patient and wait for gravity to do its job. Slow and steady gets it done.

And sometimes we're in the right hole, but at the wrong time. The carpenter hasn't cut us down yet. We're still a rough block. But life experiences turn us into the peg that we're ultimately meant to be. Sometimes it hurts. No one likes being sliced and sanded. But the end result is way more awesome than just sitting around and staying an un-cut block that doesn't fit anywhere.

And sometimes we really are just trying too hard to do the wrong things. We have to branch out and try new things.

Either way, though, it's the struggle that makes it interesting. How boring would it be if we just slipped easily into our little round hole and sat there forever while everyone else was going around doing stuff?

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