Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Emerge Victorious

This is a journal entry from a story:

"Fear is an interesting thing. So is courage. Many times in my life I have seen and heard stories of bravery. They always seem so grand. So larger than life. The dashing knight off to rescue the fair maiden against all odds. The fearless warrior who faces powerful enemies and certain death to save the world.

"If this is what courage means, then I do not possess it, for I am afraid.

"As I look into the dark reaches of the tunnel we must enter, where death certainly awaits us, my entire body freezes up. As I prepare to enter, I wish for nothing more than to close my eyes, and open them again to find that it was all a terrible dream. No, I am not fearless. I wish I could turn and run. That I could abandon the world to its fate, and hide away until it is over. I’d like to, but I can not. In I must go. To return again? Perhaps. Or not. I will not know until it is over. So, despite my fear, I enter the realm of nightmares.

"And it comes to me now that this is what courage truly is. Courage is not fearlessness. Those who are fearless have no need of courage. Rather, courage is being completely terrified of what must be done, and having the strength to do it anyway."

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